How To Brew Coffee Quickly in Your Home Office

Everyone has their own routine for preparing themselves physically and mentally to dive into their work. That can involve getting dressed in the morning, eating breakfast, the commute to the office and a good old cup of joe. When you work from home, everything from getting dressed to traveling to the workspace can be different. You can still enjoy a great cup of coffee from a home office, though. When there is plenty of pressing work to do, you don’t want to be taking up valuable work time just brewing your coffee. How can you brew coffee quickly in your home office so you can get that caffeine kick without biting into your work hours? Try these tips.

The Most Flavorful Method

A classic way to make coffee, the French press is a brewing method that some people say extracts the most flavor for the beans. Surprisingly, the French press was actually first patented in Italy, but it is debated whether the method first began there or in France. This brewing method involves adding boiling water into the pot over coffee grinds (some people say a coarser grind is better) and letting them marinate for a bit. After about four minutes, you can put the lid on the pot and press the plunger down to press all of the grinds into the very bottom of the pot. One pro tip is to pour off the coffee while it is still fresh so that the grinds don’t turn to sludge in the pot.

The French press method allows you to extract a lot of flavor from your cup of coffee, but it can still take about five minutes to make. You also need to have your coffee grinds ready to go, which you need to keep in mind if you grind your own.

The Faster Imitator

An AeroPress contains a plunger like the French press method, but this brewing option is a bit faster and can be done right over your coffee mug using a filter. To brew, you simply warm up the press and your mug with hot water, then discard the rinse water. Attach the basket to the brew chamber and place it over your mug, then use the loader to add your coffee grinds. Keep the grinds even so there aren’t larger amounts on one side. Pour nearly boiling water into the brewer, being sure to completely saturate all of the grinds quickly. After about 75 seconds, stir and then press down on the plunger until you hear a hiss.

From start to finish, the AeroPress method should take less than two minutes to complete. You also don’t necessarily need to have a whole table or stand dedicated to housing your brewing device—this method is friendly for on-the-go people.

The Next-to-Easiest Methods

There are other easy ways to brew coffee using manual or even electric methods. Although these appear to be similar at first glance, coffee aficionados note there is a difference in the end result of the taste of the brew. You may need to experiment with the different methods to find what works for you. Both of these methods can take anywhere from three to five minutes to complete when done right.


Pour-over coffee involves using a dripper with a paper filter inside holding the coffee grinds over the coffee cup or other receptacle. You just need to heat your water up to the desired temperature and then pour the water into the dripper, being sure to saturate all of the grinds. Let the dripper sit over the opening for three to five minutes, and then you’re done.

The main appeal of the pour-over method is that you determine what the water temperature is for the pour. It is generally accepted that the best extraction of flavor occurs between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. However, watch out for exceeding 205 degrees as hotter water can also reduce the quality of the flavor.


The drip method is what many people are familiar with, and it is similar to the pour-over method. It includes placing a filter at the bottom of a dripper filled with coffee grinds. The main difference is that drip methods are usually done through an electric coffee maker. This means you press start, the machine heats the water to a certain temperature, and then the grinds are saturated and then left to let the water drip through for a few minutes.

The drawback to the drip method is that, because it is done electronically through a coffeemaker, you have less control over the exact temperature of the water. However, it does offer the convenience of doing the bulk of the work for you and leaving you with a cup of joe ready to accompany you to work. Here is a quick pro tip: the more cups you plan to make with the drip method, the coarser your grinds should be.

The Fastest Method in the Office

For the quickest and probably most convenient method, you may want to go with a single-serve coffee maker. The most well-known single-serve machine might be the Keurig, which features single-serve K-cups or pods that you can use to make one cup of coffee, usually in 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-oz. options. The great thing about this method is that it usually only takes about a minute to make the drink, and the machine itself just needs a sturdy, level surface to sit on near a wall outlet. This means you can put it on its own stand dedicated just to getting your coffee fix, or you could put it right on your desk provided you have space.

The main drawback to using a single-serve coffee maker is that it tends to produce a lot of trash with the single-serve pods, and some people say the coffee is not as flavorful as other brewing methods. However, you can purchase biodegradable pod brands that are more environmentally friendly, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a brewing method that is as fast as this.

The Way To Cut Down on Brew Time

Now that you know it generally takes only about one to five minutes to brew a cup of coffee using your favorite methods, how can you cut down on your prep time? If you’re just setting up your home coffee station, consider this:

  • Invest in organizing trays and accessories to keep all of your materials and ingredients handy, such as filters, pods and stirrers
  • Buy ground coffee or plan to add time to freshly grind the beans each morning
  • Place a standalone table in your office just for coffee and other drinks
  • Use a reusable mug or tumbler that you clean each night

The Choice That Works for You

Ultimately, the way you brew your coffee is up to you and your personal tastes. Not everyone enjoys the same strength and flavor. You may swear by a specific method that others disagree with. If you enjoy a quick cup, then a single-serve maker may be for you. If you prefer to let your water linger over the grinds a little longer, then you might prefer one of the other methods. Whatever way you choose, having a small space in your office dedicated to your favorite coffee brew can make working from home more enjoyable.