7 Amazing Home Office Exercise Equipment

#1 Under-Desk Elliptical

If you aren’t someone who enjoys exercise, then treating yourself to an under-desk elliptical is the right way to go (in our opinion at least). This allows you to workout while going about your daily desk activities. To be honest, you won’t really be thinking about it while you step away!

Aside from the obvious activity, this handy-dandy machine also corrects your posture. If you’re anything like us, as the day wears on, we’ll find ourselves slumping over our desks. With this bad boy, we don’t (and we can guarantee that you won’t either!).

This particular model has 8 resistance levels which allow you to work up to a fantastic level of fitness. Although, you can find cheaper options if you aren’t too worried about the strength increase.

It also comes with a Bluetooth integration so you can track your progress on the app. If you use the Fitbit application anyway, this might not be all that groundbreaking (but we figured that we might as well mention it).

Not only will it help you to free up time in your evenings when you may have otherwise been exercising, but it will increase productivity like nothing else.

#2 Unsit Treadmill Desk

Okay, we’re going to keep it real with you. This one is expensive. We’re talking like $2,000 kind of expensive! However, it is insanely effective.

With the Unsit brand, you can buy the treadmill with the desk or separately. If you’ve bought a standing desk recently, this is helpful since you can just slide the treadmill under it!

Unlike other treadmill desks out there, this one allows for 55% more usable space (according to InMovement). Somehow, the designers have managed to make a treadmill that is wide and short rather than long and thin (which ends up causing trips and falls).

It’s also insanely quiet. Yup, even when you walk on it! If you do live in an apartment complex, this allows you to get your much-needed steps in without sounding like an elephant on a conveyor belt. Not to mention that it won’t disturb your partner if they’re currently working from home as well.

Alongside all of these cool features, it comes with a tracking app for your smartphone. This will track your steps, the calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve walked/ran, and so much more.

#3 Adjustable Height Desk

While a standing desk won’t help your cardiovascular fitness since you aren’t actually moving, it will help you to gain the benefits of standing over sitting throughout the day.

As your working day ticks by, you will be able to adjust the height of your desk to standing or sitting as and when you please. This way, you can ensure that your posture stays correct consistently.

Plus, your blood circulation will be improved. Or rather, your blood will continue to flow properly all day. There have been plenty of studies conducted that show just how detrimental sitting for long periods can be (hence the invention of standing desks).

If you think about it, humans weren’t made to stand. Back in the caveman days, we’d be moving about constantly. But thanks to technology, we’ve become increasingly sedentary. A standing desk can greatly reduce the negative impacts of modern-age office work.

The one thing we have against standing desks is their price. You can find cheaper models but they have been known to collapse under the weight of computers and the constant height change. So, you do have to splash the cash to acquire a suitable, non-collapsing adjustable height desk.

#4 Posture-Improving Stool

We won’t lie to you, the name of this stool feels a bit condescending and presumptuous. But, it has the science to back it up (i.e. it does improve your posture).

Since it’s a stool, it doesn’t have a back panel to lean against. This forces you to engage your core muscles to maintain an upright, ergonomically positioned posture.

Don’t get us wrong, it will be uncomfortable the first few times you use it. However, you’ll get used to it pretty quickly as your ab muscles gain strength.

It doesn’t look like it is the most comfortable chair in the world, but it’s not too bad. We like that it lets you exercise without having to think about going to the gym or running a mile.

Arguably, the best part is that it’s easy to clean. It’s just a case of wiping off the vinyl seat pad when you are finished using it for the day. It doesn’t get simpler than that, does it?

On the downside, it is pretty fragile. If you want to spend a little more, then by all means go ahead. But, you might still be disappointed as we’re yet to find one that lasts the same length of time as a normal office chair.

#5 Stability Cushion

If the stool wasn’t for you, buying a stability cushion is a great option because it’s cheaper and you get to keep the office chair you’ve already spent your hard-earned money on.

All you need to do is to place this little guy on the seat of your chair and away you go! It activities your core, flexor, and extensor muscles to ensure you stay balanced throughout the day. Just like the stool forced you to keep your back straight, the stability cushion forces you to keep your balance by tightening your ab muscles.

Oh, it’s also multi-use! Not only can you use it throughout the working day but it can help you for the times you decide to do floor exercises too. The small motions you need to make to stay upright ensure that your deep core muscles are constantly engaged while you’re working out/doing your day job.

#6 Mini Exercise Bike

Earlier, we chatted about the under-deks elliptical trainer. Well, this is essentially the same thing but in an exercise bike format. If you prefer cycling over stepping, this is a fab way to get your cardio in while you type away at your desk (or attend a load of Zoom meetings).

With the under-desk bike pedal exerciser, you will have a load more free time. How did we figure this one out? Well, instead of hot-footing it to the gym straight after working, you can simply enjoy the rest of your afternoon/evening!

Having said all of this, be mindful of your height. This model might sit too low to the floor for some of you, making it more difficult to pedal and get the exercise you need.

#7 Polar Loop

The Polar Loop is the fitness tracker that has been made for those working in office environments.

It buzzes if you haven’t moved for 55 minutes. This little vibration reminds you to stand up and head out to improve your blood flow and heart health.

This handy-dandy band also tracks your activity and steps to help you reach your fitness goals. We reckon you could combine this with one of the under-desk machines and be on to a real winning setup.

What to Look For When Buying Home Office Exercise Equipment

Step One: Think About Your Core Aim

This is the main thing that will tell you which piece of amazing home office exercise equipment you should buy.

Are you wanting to lose weight, burn more calories, or increase your blood circulation? If so, then you will want to purchase bits of kit that are aimed at cardiovascular exercise. We suggest you splash the cash on things like treadmills, under-desk ellipticals, and exercise bikes.

Are you wanting to tone your muscles? For this, you’ll want to concentrate on using stability cushions, grip weights, and free weights. Although, the under-desk elliptical will work here too!

What part of your body are you more concerned about? Is it your upper or lower half? If you want to target a little bit of both, then the under-desk exercise bike is the one for you. Why? Because you can use it for both your legs and your arms.

For some of you, none of this will apply because you just want to strengthen your hands and/or wrists. That’s okay! Thanks to the invention of hand grips, you can easily gain that much-needed strength.

Step Two: Consider Your Environment

Since you’re at home, you likely know your environment very well. But, some exercise equipment is louder and bulkier than others, so there are still considerations you need to ponder.

Do you live in an apartment complex or detached house? You don’t want to be that neighbor who is constantly being too loud! You’ll only end up annoying the people who live below, beside, or above you. Of course, you don’t need to worry about this if you have the luxury of living in a detached house.

Do you need any storage for your exercise equipment? Depending on the products you buy, you will need a place to put them so they’re not cluttering up your home office. If storage is limited in your home, opt for smaller gear that is easy to hide away when necessary.

Do you have enough space under your desk? For things like the under-desk elliptical or exercise bike, you’ll need a good amount of space under your table. If you don’t have space though, you’ll need to focus on stability cushions as these just plop onto your chair instead. 

Step Three: Think About Your Health and Fitness Goals

Before purchasing any of the equipment that we have talked about, you need to think about your health and fitness goals. Why? Because this will determine which of the above products you actually choose.

Are you trying to pack some more cardio into your working day? We sit at a desk for most of the day too so we know how hard it is to get enough cardiovascular exercise in your life. There are various machines that you might like in this case (the treadmill desk, under-desk elliptical, or under-desk exercise bike).

Or, are you trying to strengthen your core? If you don’t have too much space in your home, just strengthening your abs when seated at your desk is the best health and fitness solution. The equipment doesn’t take up any space and it goes completely unnoticed.

Or, are you trying to improve your limbs’ strength? This is arguably the easiest health and fitness goal to meet when you’re sat at your desk. All you need is a pair of free weights. We know that we didn’t talk about them today at all, but they can be super useful.

Step Four: Understand the Answers to Home Office Exercise FAQs

There is a load of frequently asked questions when it comes to buying home office exercise equipment. We suppose you could say that about anything though! But anyway, we’ll chat about the most common ones now.

What Should You Start With?

Everyone knows exercise is important but it’s super hard to get into it (we feel that!). So, you should take it step-by-step instead.

Firstly, remember that you need to eat healthily. This is the only way that exercise will do its job (unfortunately).

After that, try to find an exercise you enjoy. Whether you want to use free weights, an under-the-desk elliptical, or splash out on a treadmill, find something that you want to do.

What’s a Good Budget to Have Here?

To tell you the truth, your budget can be whatever you want it to be! There’s no good or bad here. We think you should just go with your gut.

What’s Appropriate for a Home Office?

All the exercise equipment we talked about earlier is appropriate for your home office. Having said that, a few of the items might distract you from your job. If you’re easily distracted, think carefully before you purchase anything too flashy or interesting!