Where to Put Your Desk in Your Bedroom | Bedroom Office Ideas

My desk has made it to every corner of my bedroom and after some trial, I’ve found the best spot for me. I put together this guide to help you find options for desk placement in your bedroom. Let’s get started!

What’s the most important thing to you?

This is the first thing to consider when planning out your bedroom office layout. If your work requires a lot of video conferences and important calls, you might want extra privacy and as quiet of an environment as possible. 

Maybe good natural light and a nice view outside of a window is the most desired thing for you. Natural light has been shown to improve mood and productivity, so having this as an important need makes complete sense! 

Consider the following factors when mapping out your desk location for your bedroom:

  • Is there a shared wall that might be extra loud?
  • Do you need to share your office space with other family members?
  • What sort of access do you need to electrical outlets?
  • How spacious is your bedroom and can it accommodate your desk?

The Locations

Here’s the lineup of possible locations to plant your desk and workspace. Weigh out the positives and negatives of each spot to decide the best option to fit your needs.

Window facing:

For natural-light lovers, a window facing desk can be a serene work location. As long as you aren’t too prone to getting distracted by pretty birds or driving cars. 


  • No screen glare at all
  • Great natural light for video calls
  • Nice scenery and view


  • Depending on the direction of the window, you might get some way too bright direct sunlight. Limit this blast of brightness by installing light filtering curtains.
  • The view could be too good and your productivity might decrease

Back to the door:

It’s not very feng shui but it might provide you the quietest location as you’ll be furthest from the door and main shared walls. With your back to the door, you can hone in your focus on your computer and not get disturbed by family members having to enter the room while you work. 


  • Least amount of doorway distractions
  • Might be the quietest spot


  • Based on the size of your room, you might be competing with bed space
  • Not being able to see the door could lead to a startle now and again when you don’t realize your spouse is standing behind you

In the closet:

This one seems a little funky, but there are a lot of home-workers out there that have happily made this change! If you’ve got extra space to store your clothes in a dresser, this could be an excellent choice. 

Converting your closet to a workspace allows you to keep your desk in your bedroom, but establishes a separate and dedicated spot for it. 


  • A separate workspace that’s easy to close up
  • Built-in storage to organize


  • Might not fit the desk you already have
  • Access to electrical outlets could be limited

You might have to get handy to install electrical outlets to use, but you’ll likely already have built-in shelving. Closing up the office at 5 pm couldn’t be easier with a simple slide of your closet doors. 

If you’re the type of person that has a hard time walking away from work at the end of the day, this could be a great option to better divide your bedroom and workspace. 

At the base of the bed:

This could be an interesting set up for your desk. You’ll be in the center of the room, which could be helpful if there are a lot of loud shared walls. It can also give you some variability for seating. Use an office chair on the open side, or rotate your computer around so you can sit on the edge of the bed. 


  • Spacious room for your desk
  • Adaptable seating choices


  • Not the best choice for sleepy folks that might get too drowsy sitting on the bed
  • You might have to run an extension cord across a walkway. Be sure to tape it down or cover it with a rug to prevent tripping. 

Your Setup

Now that you have some creative options for desk placement, let’s talk about how to optimize the location you choose. Go for the commitment by making changes like the following suggestions below:

  • Paint your “office” wall green. The color green is very soothing and can help calm nerves. 
  • Invest in an air purifier. The better the air you’re breathing, the less likely you’ll be to get headaches and foggy brain.
  • Install built-in shelves around your desk. This will turn to space from a pure bedroom into an office hybrid. You’ll have lots of space for storage and be able to take advantage of organization abilities. 
  • Get a great chair. We’ll be working from home for a while, so you might as well be comfortable. 

Make the move!

Decide on your spot and make the move! It might take some tweaking to make your desk fit or electric cords reach. Try not to make anything too permanent at first, in case you decide your location isn’t working for you after all. 

Give this change a few weeks to feel out space and take note of anything you love or don’t love about the desk location you chose. 

When you know you need a change

There are some tell-tale signs that your workspace needs a refresh. Once you’ve had your desk in your bedroom location for a few weeks, you might feel like it’s just not working for you. Maybe there are some distractions that you weren’t aware of before or the setup isn’t ideal. 

If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time for a switch-up:

  • Sluggish feeling
  • Easily distracted
  • Too much ambient noise
  • Feeling cramped and crowded
  • The workspace is cluttered and disorganized

When your productivity dips in the above ways, you can try moving your desk to another spot in your bedroom. This can eliminate or at least limit those disruptions and better set you up for efficiency and success. 


I hope this guide has been helpful and given you some fresh ideas about where to place your desk in your bedroom! The ultimate truth here is that you need to make the space work for you.

Finding the right spot for your desk is the first step in creating the best work environment. It can help keep your stress levels down and your work ethic up. Good luck with this change and happy working!